In The Press
The 60 Second Promise workout DVD, co-presented by Carl Princ, has been getting coverage in the national press. You can download some of the articles featuring the DVD below:

Alpha Fit April 2012
Essex boys take a lesson

Love It Magazine 26 April 2012
Win the 60 Second Promise workout DVD

Love It Magazine 27 April 2012
The 60 Second Promise on DVD

I have written a column exclusively for the bi-monthly magazine Sport 4 ESSEX, covering all areas of health and fitness. I provided tips and tricks to help readers get the most from their work-outs and also answer their questions. You can download my past articles below:

Sport 4 Essex April/May 2007
Get in shape for summer

Sport 4 Essex June/July 2007
Going Aerobic

Sport 4 Essex August/September 2007
No Excuses!

Sport 4 Essex October/November 2007
Feeling Good!

Sport 4 Essex December/January 2008
Feeling Good!

Sport 4 Essex February/March 2008
Exercise at home

Sport 4 Essex April/May 2008
Eat your way to fitness

WorkOut Article
Carl muscles in on commuter trade

WorkOut Article
Carl gives helping hand to freelancers
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